Antique Brass Shower Head - Bridging the Past And The Present!

Centuries ago, when the high culture was still concentrated on what was visible to the public, the manifestation of grandeur has always been displayed in living rooms, patios, or anywhere that can provide an avenue for people to socialize. Nowadays, though, the bathroom is considered one of the most important places inside the house since more and more people think of it as a sanctuary. So for those who love everything antique, you need to make sure that your bathroom has the best antique items that are available. One of the pieces that can help you give your bathroom that desired vintage look is an antique brass showerhead.

For starters, an antique brass shower head is a perforated nozzle that releases water. The reason why brass makes for good material is that its composition, which is a combination of zinc and copper and can be adjusted. For example, putting more copper gives the brass a rich reddish or golden tone while adding more zinc gives you a light yellow appearance that resembles gold.

There are a lot of antique brass shower heads being sold today. What is good about it is that it features different generations, cultures, and eras. As a result, you'll be able to strike a balance between what is considered old and adding something more modern.

For example, your antique brass shower head could be indicative of the Viking expeditions which led to the Gothic reign in Central Europe. It could also symbolize the Renaissance period, the Victorian period, and the 1920's Western lifestyle. You can even try mixing up stuff to add more spunk and serenity to your bathroom.

Also, an antique brass shower head has a lot of practical benefits. When developed for plumbing use, brass is mixed with a type of tin that prevents corrosion and rust. Aside from this, a lacquer coat is applied to add extra protection.

Compared to other metals, brass is very workable, as everything can actually enhance its durability, luster, longevity of usage, and of course aesthetic value which is equally important when you want to achieve the perfect set-up for your bathroom.

Proof of this is the fact that complicated shapes such as leaves, spiral tendrils, and whatnot can be formed by using this metal, along with other things. What is absolutely surprising about this is that it is relatively cheap. No other material can combine style, comfort, and cheapness, so be sure to get an antique brass showerhead now if you want to spice up your bathroom's look.

Most local home improvement stores or hardware stores do not carry a large selection of antique brass shower heads. The best place to search for the perfect antique brass shower head for your bathroom is the Internet. Not only will you find a much larger selection than you will find at home improvement stores but you will also find the best prices!

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