Five Must-Have Features For Your New Kitchen Sink Faucet

So, you've decided to give your kitchen a new look. Great! Remodeling your kitchen is exciting and fun. If you are planning a complete change, then you get the pleasant task of choosing everything. What will the cupboards look like? Which type of lighting will your remodeled kitchen have? And those are the starters. Countertops, furniture-even the kitchen faucet will be included.

Is it beginning to sound like a lot of work is involved? Good. Because it _is _a lot of work, but it's worth it. Make sure you all the work you do is worth it. How? By paying special attention to the workhorse of the kitchen: the kitchen sink faucet.

Don't put together the perfect kitchen, then put in a kitchen sink faucet that doesn't meet your needs. You don't have to spend your kids' college fund in order to buy a good faucet. Just know what features are really important. Then, when you are shopping for kitchen sink faucets, look for these features.



Once you have one, you will wonder how you lived without it. A sprayer uses water pressure to speed clean up. There are different types of sprayers. Some sit to the side of the faucet, some are pulled out or even pulled down. It depends a lot on what kind of sink is installed.


Want to help conserve? One place to start is at your kitchen sink. Specially constructed faucets save precious water, provide enough power to get things done, and save on the water bill. That's hard to beat. Obviously, a tap with a sensor helps a lot in this area, but that is just the beginning. Speaking of sensors...


Consider this: Someone works on the car, then washes their hands. They touch the knobs. Another person gives the cat their worm medicine, then washes their hands, touching the knobs. You make dinner, cutting up chicken, touching the knobs.

Each person can take time to clean the knobs at the faucet each time---which is highly unusual, especially with children---or germs can get spread.

With sensor or "bump" technology, this is no longer such an issue. Sensors allow you to wave your hand and control water flow. With "bump", it's as it sounds: you bump the faucet's neck with the back of your hand, or your arm.


Some brands, in order to keep the price down, will have parts that aren't brass. You want your new kitchen faucet to last. Brass resists corrosion and rust. That's one reason horns are made of brass. And with the water constantly passing through your new faucet, you definitely don't want to skimp here. You want it to be all brass.


Finally, you want to make sure to match the finish of your new faucet to other things in your kitchen. No more settling for stainless steel all the time. If that works with your decor, great. But now you have amazing choices such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze from which to choose. Make your kitchen pop!

HINT FOR SUCCESS: Read others' reviews. What did they like? What did they think was not so good? Benefit from other people's experience.

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