How to Polish and Clean a Brass Bathroom Faucet

Every home contains a large number of hardware fixtures. However, since the bathroom faucet is used more often, maintenance of the brass faucet will require more effort. Hence this article, provides us some tips on how a home owner can ensure that this fixture remains well maintained.

Is cleaning brass difficult?

If brass fixtures are cleaned regularly, it is usually possible for them to remain looking like new fixtures. Using a damp cloth to wipe the brass faucet, it is possible to prevent tarnishing of the faucet and make it shine. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided since they can cause scratches and damage the faucet. If the user cannot find a damp cloth, he can alternately use warm soap water for cleaning the faucet. After using a damp cloth for cleaning the faucet, the faucet should be dried completely to prevent formation of water spots.

Tarnish for decorating faucets

While most people prefer shining faucets, there are others who prefer tarnished fixtures since they have a unique antique like look. Home owners who do not like tarnished fixtures can purchase a suitable tarnish remover from the local hardware store. Depending on their effectiveness and chemical composition, the price of the tarnish remover can vary significantly, some are cheap while others may be expensive. However, the user should always read the instructions for use and follow them for greater effectiveness. Users who do not wish to purchase additional chemicals, can use warm vinegar instead of the tarnish remover to remove the tarnish from the faucet. Gloves should be used for cleaning the faucet, since the sweat and oils in the skin, can leave marks on the faucet, which will not be visible for several months.

How to polish the brass faucet

Some of the options for polishing the fixture are

- Using ketchup which contains citric acid, which is very effective in polishing the brass. A soft cloth which does not have any lint, should be used to rub the ketchup on the fixture gently. After some time, another clean cloth can be used to wipe off the ketchup applied.

- A home made brass polish can also be used for the brass faucet in the bathroom. The ingredients required for making a very effective cleaner, polisher for the bathroom faucet are half a cup of distilled vinegar, three tablespoons of any flour, and salt, one teaspoon. The salt is first dissolved in the vinegar to form a solution. The solution is then added to the flour and mixed thoroughly to form a paste, which is uniform. The paste is then applied uniformly on the entire bathroom faucet and allowed to remain for ten minutes. After this the faucet is then cleaned to remove the paste applied and is dried completely

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