Why I Strongly Suggest That You Get a Bronze Bathroom Faucet Assembly

Experts recommend that property owners planning to replace the faucet assembly in their bathroom should use bronze faucets. Some of the earliest restrooms constructed many centuries ago used bronze faucets. In the last few decades, the bronze faucets were replaced by different types of metal faucets. However, increasingly property owners are preferring to install more elegant bronze faucets for multiple reasons. The chrome or stainless steel faucets have to be scrubbed clean and this adversely affects their appearance. In contrast, due to the dark color of bronze, the stains are not easily visible. Also bronze looks better as it becomes older if it is properly maintained.

Bronze is also more durable compared to faucets of other materials. For example, iron is a major component of stainless steel, and iron becomes brittle over time, affecting the durability of the faucet where it is used. In contrast, bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and copper is more durable. Many of the faucets use stainless steel which gets scratched easily, though it does not get stained. Usually, the chrome or nickel faucets, are usually made from brass with a plating of nickel or chrome to prevent corrosion. However the plating gets chipped over time, which adversely affects their appearance, so it may be better to purchase a brass faucet.

Bronze is less likely to develop scratches or get chipped since it is an alloy of copper and tin. Even if the alloy is scoured, polishing can fix the problem. Since only pure metals are used in the alloy, the user also does not have to bother about peeling. Few other metal alloys are as sophisticated and ageless as bronze. The alloy is extremely attractive and was preferred by royalty for the last few centuries. While there are other faucets of other materials available at present which are shining, over a period of time, the shine will fade. Hence property owners prefer to use bronze faucets, which have a unique rustic charm.

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